High Pressure Furnace
High Pressure Furnace
Custom made furnaces, beside our standard production is what is favored and succeeded by our company.

Customer requests and needs are carefully determined for the perfect product that will ultimately satisfy the client.

Our years of experience and vast knowledge is an advantage in acquiring the flawless product.

We manufacture the systems completely in our facilities, every step followed closely by our engineers.

Complete tests of the products are finalized within the facility.

Performance tests, client expectations and the outcomes are compared for the customer with a report.

We are more than happy to assist you with your unique projects and furnaces.

Protherm Furnace Advantages

Over 30 years of experience
Customers in over 65 countries
Experienced staff and trained workmanship
Constant and developing detailed design progress and discussions online/ at the site with the customer
Complete in facility built systems
High-quality raw material usage
High quality equipment integration
High safety standards
High quality heating elements ensuring a long service life
Intuitive controller user interface
Experienced customer support and service personnel available
Ease of transportation all around the world
Short delivery times

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